> 'Faculté d'Agir' Magazine 
Logo faculté d'agirFaculté d'agir magazine tells the story of a dozen students who share the same classes, the same activities, the same evenings, the same values. These are values where man and nature are a little more important than usual. These students decided to do all they could to inform their fellow students about sustainable development, and make them more aware of it.
Through this magazine, which has been printed on recycled paper since September 2010 and is itself recyclable, using plant-based inks, we are trying to show you the importance of sustainable development, and become aware that everyone in his or her own way can find an opportunity to act.
Because we are all responsible, we all have the "Faculté d?Agir!" (Power to Act!)

> Max Havelaar France

logo max havelaarBusiness in the service of development. Fairtrade/Max Havelaar is an international label which groups together NGOs and producers' representatives. The aim: to use business to give to peasants and workers in the Southern hemisphere the means to fight against poverty themselves.
Website: www.maxhavelaarfrance.org