Going on holiday...
Access to and development of paid leave and holidays was an important part of social progress in the twentieth century, a fact which no-one would dispute today. Many studies today show that going on holiday is a factor in creating social ties, integration and personal development. In the same spirit, it is accepted that international gatherings, for young people in particular, form the bedrock of the emergence of an international citizenship which is a vehicle for openness and tolerance, and could spare future generations the terrible events experienced by previous generations.

Fighting against exclusion
 However, a large part of the population does not have access to the special time for self-development that holidays offer.
We consider that this exclusion is not inevitable and work every day at the éthic étapes to make access to our establishments easier for groups that have traditionally been excluded from going on holiday. Many éthic étapes therefore take part in holiday support programmes for vulnerable groups. We take special care to keep rates affordable for as many people as possible, which helps maintain and develop social diversity.

And what about disability?

For many years, we have also been developing special expertise in the area of hospitality for people with disabilities. Thus, many éthic étapes carry the ''Tourisme & Handicap'' label and in 2008, we signed an agreement with the French Handisport Federation (FFH).