Many of you who do not know us well often ask this question!

Ethic étapes, is primarily an ambition, or the promise of a different type of tourism, open to others and to the territories where they are based. It is also the affirmation of strong values which éthic étapes wants to share with others.

What are these values?
In a few words: encounters, non-profit making, blending and mixing and citizenship all form the values which éthic étapes undertakes to represent on a daily basis: association-based structure, existence of meeting and activity areas, access to facilities in terms of prices and physical constraints, environmental management of buildings, support from other social economy stakeholders, are all actions which lie at the heart of éthic étapes.

Of course, the term éthic leads us to constantly question and perfect our practices day-on-day. To that end, comments from éthic étapes? users are invaluable. So please do send us your opinions and comments? We will take them into account.

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