The art of welcoming is a craft. For us, it's also a culture. An ethic etapes, it's a real know-how. But it's also in the smile. We're not just willing to have you to stay, we're happy to do it. It's up to you to choose whether you want to organize a personalised trip or to opt for one of our many themed breaks. You can, of course, come on your own... knowing that you won't stay that way for long.

Groups welcome
A bike rally, a cultural discovery, a tai-chi course, a thought-provoking seminar or a rafting trip... there are a thousand good reasons to get together. Éthic étapes specialises in welcoming groups. All groups, of all sizes. The young, and the less young. Because there's no age limit on living life to the full. Meeting, sharing. Moments, emotions, smiles. Éthic étapes is about atmosphere. All the more welcoming, all the more friendly, since everyone's comfort is absolutely guaranteed. Rooms are cheerful and well-equipped to welcome your groups.

Sportspeople welcome
Well-equipped rooms, access to local sports facilities and catering that's always adapted to your needs - our chefs know how to prepare hearty meals for sportspeople. And of course, we provide you with leisure and work spaces for debriefings after your training sessions! The éthic étapes shown on these pages have been selected according to criteria relating to availability of sports facilities by discipline, comfort of accommodation, quality of catering to suit sportspeople's needs and variety of services available for sportspeople.

Groups tourist discovery
Experience tourism in a different way, in summer and winter alike! Enjoy comfortable accommodation and a warm and friendly atmosphere, and see unusual sights. Have unique and unforgettable meetings with local people. And of course, make the most of your time to discover our regions' flavours and specialities, which our chefs will share with you.

Families and individuals welcome
Alone, with friends or with your family, discover the unique atmosphere of éthic étapes. For a night or a few days, enjoy comfortable accommodation, a range of services and a warm welcome from our reception teams, who will share their knowledge of their region with you

Week-ends and breaks
If you're away for the weekend, you can take a trip on a velov' hired bicycle in Lyon, visit the new Beaubourg in Metz, go on a sports break in the Cévennes or see the St Malo rock festival: make the most of a well-deserved activity or culture break in a welcoming, international atmosphere.